Born and raised in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Parker captures images on her Nikon, then creates textures and styles in aftercapture. Trained in the art of digital transformation she textures mood, emotions, and thought with her use of vibrant colors and abstract imagery- her photos provoke instant reaction. Finding inspiration in almost anything from the shapes of birds wings to dreams and color combinations. She says conceptualizing the shoot is almost as exciting as actually shooting it; to think of a story to bring to life is really incredible. She loves what she does and considers herself one of the luckiest people in the world that her job is her passion!!

Commissioned sessions with Elizabeth are available-
Each session with Elizabeth is beautifully customized specifically to you and your vision.
Each session is unique and intrinsic- a journey and process between the subject and the maker to achieve your personalized art-itorial.
Together we will capture beautiful memories that you will carry close to your heart for years to come.

Please email or call for more information and to arrange a consultation.
(310) 948-5204